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Fan, Nikhil & Anmoldeep at the Gilly Mundy Memorial Community School, Haryana India. Fan regularly volunteers and is involved with the BKIT Trust established in her home town, Leamington Spa.















Fan began working in the field of self-awareness and ‘self work’ 10 years ago. Her work has taken her throughout the UK & internationally via India, Myanmar & the USA. She works one on one, with dedicated groups and runs workshops, retreats, classes and mid to long-term programs. Her focus has recently shifted to working with individuals on forging stronger, healthier & more fulfilling relationships; be they with a lover, family, friends, colleagues and communities – though most importantly with themselves. She adapts her work and uses her resourceful toolbox depending on the individual / group’s needs. This tool box includes, standard coaching & mentoring methods as well as tools from her Shadow Work apprenticeship, meditation practice and body movement practice to name a few. Fan likes to work in partnerships and uses a number of joint ventures with other related skilled practitioners to get maximum results.

She is also passionate about changing the face of leadership in this world to a more consciously empowered leadership as well as making better use of our communities and encourage co-creative leadership. She was a coaching mentor in San Diego @ the Global Youth Leadership Summit in 2011 as part of the Youth Coaching Academy team, with whom she also worked running Students & Teachers Empowerment Camps at the Total Learning Academy of Yangon, Myanmar. Fan and her husband George ran several training days in Northern India to empower students & teachers in recognising & encouraging personal development as an integral part of modern education.

Another key area of passion and interest for Fan is Women’s Leadership and empowerment. Fan is actively involved with programs such as Women in Power and played a significant role in bringing the Red Tent into her local community, where women can find a space to be together in a more sacred and empowering way. She is keen to bring her work to the women of India where she often visits and where her experiences of women’s empowerment and leadership have been difficult yet have motivated and inspired her to find a way to make a difference.

Fan’s main victory in her line of work is to see people growing in self awareness and living healthily from their most heart based desires. She rejoices in empowering individuals to shine their light and live a loving life.

Fan above (pink trousers)
At The Teachers Empowerment Camp, Yangon, Myanmar with the Total Learning Academy. The key aims of the camp: Leadership & Personal Development in Education. Fan’s bites were: “You are good enough & behind every failure you find a treasure”

Fan does not describe herself as a feminist, however she does believe that women still to this day are not where they should be in terms of leadership, respect and power. She believes both men and women should come together to go beyond the current limitations and find wholesome balance to reach higher places together as a world and for the benefit of this planet.

Fan recently married George Hardwick on June 9th 2012. Her husband is a performance poet and social entrepreneur. They often work together on each other’s projects and hope to create a centre where all their collective skills can be put together in an inspiring setting.

Please note: The Route To Love Mentoring Programmes are not a replacement for therapy. If mental illness is suspected please contact a health professional for proper diagnosis and care.

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