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Fan, about her clients:

“I guess it isn’t really orthodox to answer using negatives and say that my clients aspire to ‘less pain’ and ‘less suffering’… but it’s true! They aspire to more pleasure and fulfillment in their relationships and they also want to live a life that is line with their values. They want more from life than what they are currently looking at…”

NB: Every individual is unique and often comes with a unique set of circumstances. The facts mentioned below may or may not resonate with you. To find out how I can help you and what you might need to know please CLICK HERE to get in touch.


Fan, when do you feel most connected to Route To Love?

All the time! I’m doing it and I’m being it!

This work is my life, my practice. I need this work for myself and my relationships with all others, as much as I enjoy offering it to others. Some of the concepts that I cover in my work I carried from childhood to now.

The difference is, today I have found a name for it and created a system to share what I have to share. I feel amazingly blessed when I know I am doing my bit to positively contribute to this world in what I believe is an empowering and paradigm-shifting way.


When you think of the people you have helped with Route To Love, what are the common worries they have been having?

The common themes are that my clients are either frustrated with themselves or with something or someone else. It could be their partner, the people around them or their work situation. The other ways it manifests are:

Itchy feet, wanting change, wondering if something is wrong with them, lack of passion, lack of fire, lack of direction, feeling stuck… These are only a few examples amongst many other forms this work tends to take.

Many of my clients have a lack of clarity about what is going on. Very often, there is a lot of fear or frustration at not being able to communicate what’s going on in a way that really conveys how they feel. They often say: “It’s complicated”!

They are often stressed over a situation or are just overwhelmed in general. Sometimes, they are hurt or suffering from significant down spells. Often they need to talk that out and they need to be deeply and adequately listened to.

Some of my clients have been healing from a recent trauma, or something that has happened to them, and they are coming against frustrations about how to move on. This is where mentoring works best; when they are ready to move forward or do something about their situation.


So what are your clients frustrated about?

The common frustration is that they want something from someone, from life or from themselves and they don’t know how to get it. As a result they either feel there is something wrong with them, or they feel like they’ll do it or get there someday but right now there’s a lot in the way.

Some examples are:

• They feel frustrated about the fact that things just can’t quite change or happen quickly enough.

• They lack support.

• They are stuck in a particular situation knowing full well it is not where they want to be, but somehow they can’t get out of that situation. They either feel stuck in a cycle or cannot seem to find the power to change it.


What are some of the words that they use to describe how they feel after you have worked with them?

They feel a sense of relief for discovering that they have more answers and power within than they previously thought they had. They have more clarity, more direction and they feel empowered to take the next step at the very least.

Because I make my clients think, they feel more self aware. I help them connect with themselves in a way that they never quite have before.

I often hear that something seems to have shifted but they don’t quite know how. (Whereas I do…*smiles*)


So the people that you have helped, what are they hopeful for?

A chocolate pancake… “laughs…” no… I used to run a Café making pancakes and I am pretty handy at making them.

The real answer to the question is: It’s different each time in the details. The greater picture often is to get closer to Love. I know it sounds flowery but I am talking about essence here.

I can’t list all hopes but to give you an idea I would say my clients want improvement in those areas:  purpose, relationships, life work, results/achievements, self-care, communication, connection, fulfillment, intimacy, understanding,  friendship, openness, trust, conflict resolution, empowerment, support and more. The key is they must DARE TO! and work with me. :-)

I root the essence of my work to Love. It’s always about Love somehwere & somehow.


What exactly is Route To Love?

You know more than anything it is a journey. Sometimes this journey will take the form of a workshop, a retreat, a mentoring programme, a coaching session and more. Ideally I encourage people to make a long term investment in themselves by seeking ongoing support, so that they can make the significant breakthroughs and take the significant actions to get to where they want to be.

I would say it is a threefold approach: Find your vehicle – Understand how it works – Get on your Route To Love.


So if someone wants more info about your programs what do they do?

I would invite them to fill in a consultation booking form and send it to me, click HERE to see the form.

Alternatively any questions can be fired at though I would ask that they please be respectful of my time and that they book a consultation with me if they are serious about working with me.

People can book a session with me directly by clicking HERE.


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Please note: The Route To Love Mentoring Programmes are not a replacement for therapy. If mental illness is suspected please contact a health professional for proper diagnosis and care.

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