“I believe we are born on this planet amongst billion others for a reason. This is maybe because we are all meant to experience life in a multitude of ways… and possibly because we are meant to experience it through each other.”

Fan Lebel, creator of Route To Love


If you are in a position where you know you must invest time, energy and resources if you wish to make the shifts in your life that you need, here is what Route To Love’s mentoring programmes can help you with:

     • Fulfilling and inspiring relationships

     • Loving yourself, who you are and what you do

     • A sense of knowing your purpose, being it and doing it

     • A fulfilling and empowering spiritual connection

     • Ongoing and empowering support for:

          * Significant Life changes

          * Achieving  your goals and dreams


“Be ready for a journey of exploration, healing, growth, creativity and empowerment.”



Route To Love offers a number of tailored one-to-one and group mentoring programmes designed to give you the tools, skills, accountability and ongoing support to get to where you want to be.

Not sure what is right for you?

 I offer a free complimentary session to arrange a programme that would suit your needs. To book your free session, please click on the link below:



To find out a little more on how the mentoring programmes work, visit the FAQ page.


Whilst my daily focus is spent on one-to-one mentoring programmes, I also offer group facilitations as well as workshops and training in the following areas:

RTL Mentoring Programmes: From where you are to where you want to be in life, love and work

Moving Instinct: A journey through the Body

Meditation: The quality of mind – quality of life

Events: Exploration classes, retreats & workshops

Connect with me directly to find out more.

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Please note: The Route To Love Mentoring Programmes are not a replacement for therapy. If mental illness is suspected please contact a health professional for proper diagnosis and care.

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